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Spice Cabinet Time!

Y’all asked for it.. And here it is!

I actually got to it last, because it was really intimidating to me for some reason. Probably because I had 800 types of spices (even though I probably really only used a handful of them).

I posted the before and after at the bottom, so scroll to the end.

The grand reveal!

The jars were a spur of the moment decision. I wanted something a little more unique and more along the farmhouse style that my house flows with. When I saw the jars I just knew that’s was I was going to be using.

I remember growing up and my mom ALWAYS had these jars around. We used to make so much jam and fill all the jars for Christmas gifts.

Alright, alright, I’m sure y’all wanna see the before even though I’m super embarrassed about it. Here’s the before.. It won’t be going back that way, because the after is WAY easier to live with.

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