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Pantry Time!

Since I loved the way the fridge turned out, I decided to take on the pantry. Oddly enough though, our pantry isn’t a traditional pantry (our last house it was right next to the fridge, and it was HUGE), in the new house there wasn’t a pantry. So we made a big one in the garage (it’s right by the kitchen).

Having a family and cooking all the things, I like to have some stuff stocked up. I use to be an extreme couponer, so when sales hit I stock up.

Feeding 5 mouths (and one that’s like 2 – love ya babe!) I meal plan for a week, but typically have a month of meals and ideas planned, so I also look out for any good deals coming up. It has saved us some money by planning ahead.

Got all the bins at Dollar tree! The mason jars I got from my sweet mother in law.

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