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Getting Organized

It’s been awhile since I have posted. We moved into a new home and I decided I wanted to have everything organized and in it’s place.

No matter how many times I cleaned the fridge or made it look “organized” it never truly was. I walked into Dollar Tree and I had to have a pep talk because ALL THINGS TEAL! Im a sucker for teal/Tiffany blue.

I got the Liner, Bins and these adorable berry bins. (picture was before I put on the labels).

We go to Cash & Carry to buy the chunks of meat and cheese for sandwiches, and use our meat slicer to make super delicious sub style sandwiches.

The apple basket I just felt I needed it, and that it was perfect for the fruits.

I always have my green onions in water (I also love watching them regrow once used!).

The condiments are behind the green onions, but I have to say – these bins have A LOT of room in them!

Let’s get to the Berry Bins. I love these adorable bins, they are freezer safe and dishwasher safe! I went back and got a few more because they are perfect for even the cut up carrots and celery!

(Your store may vary) I spent a chunk of time tracking them down since it appears not many stores actually carry them, and they are backordered online. You can find them from resellers but the prices are WAY more. If you see them – GET THEM. They are pretty awesome.


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