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Kohl's + Clearance Jean Haul

Hi Friends!

We had quite the busy weekend! Summer is in full force with birthdays, sleep-overs and lots of outdoor adventures - like eating pizza on the beach!

I had a lot of requests for the jeans I was wearing, so I figured I should share!

They are one of my top favorites! They are soft, stretchy and I think they are SUPER cute!

Before we headed to the beach I wondered into Kohl's and had some Kohl's Cash to use.

I decided to check out the Clearance section and I was SO SHOCKED!

They had TONS of jeans on 80%-90% off! (My jaw dropped.) Y'all will wanna run, because these deals are SO GOOD! Plus they have a 15% off coupon (may have the 20%, too) AND Kohl's cash.

Checking Online: Mudd, DENIZEN. SO

Looking online there is ALOT on the clearance page but it seems they are a little more online. I would most definitely check in store! Most these came in around $3.80 a pair! They do have non-distressed pairs too - I guess I'm just a sucker for them. They also had so many washes. I know it's Summer, but you really can't go wrong with some good denim, cause here in Oregon our weather is all over the place.

Side note:

They also had some super cute tops on clearance, they had cardi's, graphic t-shirts, sweaters and a bunch of other things! (coming soon:try ons!) It is a lot of fun piecing stuff together and some of them you may think nah but TRY THOSE ONES ON! You will surprise yourself :) Also that Black T-shirt I had on above was on a great sale I wanna say they had them for $7.99 I think online they are now $11.20.

If you are around a Kohl's I would be running there and checking out all the clearance!

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