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Purging & Organizing

Spending the week inside we decided to organize every cabinet in the house, all the drawers and every room got cleaned out and refreshed. My goal is to go into 2021 all organized and ready. Everything has a spot. When I'm at the store if there isn't a spot for it at home, I do not *need* it. I tossed out anything broken that I really wasn't going to fix, combined all the pasta left in the handful of boxes, donated extra Tupperware & extra kitchen utensils.

As a busy mom of 3 littles being as organized as possible helps us be in a good routine.

Jar breakdown:

(I'll make it super fast and simple)

This jar is super big and I used it for the flour

These jars are a little bigger, I used them for Rice & Sugar

These jars came in different sizes I put Pastas, chicken stock, and oatmeal in them.

These ones are perfect for smaller things,

I used these for: brown sugar, corn starch, baking soda, bread crumbs, panko, coffee

Pancake mix and some pastas went in these ones

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Dec 14, 2020

Your awesome

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